Sunday, March 11, 2012

Back to West High School

West High School hosted Competition #4.  It was such a beautiful day, the weather was wonderful.  Rachael requested a treat from a little restaurant in downtown Salt Lake City.  They make waffles and you can add fruit, chocolate, and cream to them.  They are really nummy, but I resisted.  Rachael's had blueberries, choclate and cream.  We got it done with all of the extra's on the side, so she could decorate it how she wanted, plus then it wouldn't get soggy until she could eat it.  We met her at West just as she was arriving with her waffle, it sure brought a smile to her face.

I sure enjoy these competitions, I found found someone to talk to each week, that has made the day even funnier and more enjoyable.  I got my camera set up and ready to go.  Mom and Dad came to watch about 5:30, just after that I got a phone call from Tiffany.  She needed us to find a picture frame for a special award being given at the first award ceremony.  I got Richard and off we went. first to the new downtown Harmon's Grocery store, not much luck there.  I then googled Walgreen's because I knew there was one in the downtown area, we found it and got what we needed and zipped back to West High School.  We walked in with the picture frame just as the guards were lining up for the awards ceremony.  It was good to be able to help.

My favorite picture from tonight is:

Richard hard at work, getting the floor ready for Rachael's group.

And the show begins

The Captains Saluate

The captains hugging in excitement after receiving FIRST PLACE

The traditional kissing of the plaque

Thanks Grandpa and Grandma for coming today.

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Competition # 3 - American Fork High School

A competition at our home court means a long day for all of us.  Rachael had to be over to the school at 10:00 to start getting things ready.  Richard and I were there by 11:00 to put the "competition floor" down.  They use a special vinyl floor to cover the basketball floor so that the sabors, rifles and flags don;t damage the basketball floor if they get dropped.  The floor is marked with all of the boundary lines.  Many of the guards then put down their own floor on top of this.  Their own floor is painted to tie in with their show.  The competition floor is huge and barely fits inside of our gym.   Rachael then stayed at the school and Richard and i ran a couple of errands.  I had to be back to the school by 1:30 to help check in the guards as they came to the school.  Richard didn't have to be back until just before 3:00 when the competition was to start.  The guards had not all arrived, when I had to leave to be in the gym to take pictures of our first guard which was on at 3:14. 

Richard spent the day helping guards on and off the floor, and folding their competition floor once they were done.  I truly have the best job, filming our guards, lets me watch the whole event.  I really enjoy watching all of the guards.  But my favorite is the SWANS

One of my favorite shots from this weeks competition

The Captains

A Group hug with their teacher and friend, Tiffany.

Monday, February 20, 2012

Competition #2 - West High School

The Winter Gaurd season is in full swing, and competition #2 has come and gone.  I enjoy Winter Guard, it is inside, I don't have to worry about bad sitting in the bad weather.  I wish this season was longer.  I enjoy watching all of the guards perform.  I like to clap when the rifle or sabor is tossed high and caught.  I like the big moments when all of the flags are spinning at the same time.  I like watching the Band Dad's work so hard helping every guard. 

I like looking across the floor and seeing the girls enter the floor and do their cheer.  I get so excited when I get tha first glimpse of them.

I love this pose of Rachael.  I can totally see the SWAN in her.

Such a Great show and I just love watching Rachael every week.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

We Love our BLACK SWAN

Rachael sure makes a beautiful Black Swan.  I am really enjoying this year's Winter Guard show.  The costumes/uniforms are beautiful.  (Laurel Gilbert - you did a GREAT job on them).  Our Rachael looks great!

Tonight was the FAMILY and FRIENDS Fundraiser.  The Guard girls all sell tickets for a spaghetti dinner and as a bonus everyone who comes gets to see all five of the American Fork Winter Guard shows. 

 We are so glad that Grandpa and Grandma Anderson were able to come and watch the show.

Sunday, February 5, 2012


Here it is - the FIRST COMPETITION of the 2012 Season.  It was held at West Lake High School.  This will be the first time we see the whole show, uniforms, flags, sabre's, rifles, the painted floor, the lifts, the spins, the dance moves.  It was an exciting night!

First the bus was late picking up the girls, then one of Rachael's best friends got hurt, and left during the warmup time in an ambulance for the hospital. 

Richard is back at his hard work job - BAND DAD - helping the guards with their floors.

But the girls rallied together and had a GREAT performance.  The show this season is titled  "The Lake of Divided Swans".  Rachael is a Black Swan.

What is that in Rachael's arms?  A RIFLE!  Yes she gets to spin her rifle in the show this season!


WOW! What a show!  I really liked it.  I am excited to see how it changes each week.  They always seem to have something new and different to add to the show for every performance.

Awards time - the captains with their saluate. 


One of the traditions that the Guard Captains have it to "lick" the awards plaque.  Each girl picks a spot and they "lick " the same spot every time. 

The Captains with their first FIRST PLACE award!

Now a BIG BEAR HUG among the captains.